Monday, June 18, 2007

Another night in the closet

Ok, I am begining to believe that I will spend the rest of this season being chased by a tornado. We had another rough night of thunderstorms last night. It all began around 11:00 that both kids did not want to go to sleep (probably because they both slept on the way home from Abilene). They just both seemd unsettled and Rocky was getting frustrated since he actually had to get up and work the next morning.

Finally I went with Ashlynn to the living room to crash on the couches and put Rylan in bed with Daddy. At last, everyone was asleep and it was around 12:30. That is when the storm popped up and it was quiet a loud and bright thunderstorm. I checked the radar and it all seemed to just be heavy rain. Then we lost electricity. I got up and set my cell phone alarm and got back in my bed.

I am pretty sure that I was just dozing because at 2:00 I woke up to hail and rain that sounded like it was hitting our house in every direction. I woke Rocky up and asked him if it sounded strange. He agreed and we flipped on the TV. We were under a tornado warning and they were showing the rotation to be right over our head.

Apparently there was a tornado spotted in the clouds, but it never touched down. Now, being a panhandle girl, I have seen and been in tornados before and this seemed very familiar. We put the kids in our closet (our centrally located room with no windows) and watched carefully until it all blew over.

The kids woke up this morning asking why they were in our closet (thankfully they slept through the entire drama). I am a little groggy today and I am sure that Rocky is feeling the lack of sleep.

Oh, and I still don't like thunderstorms!



I hate missing all the fun. Wish I was there during the storms. Rocky and I could have such fun.

I am glad you are okay.

Monalea said...

Hey Monica,

We had a wall cloud in Jal last night. Wow! It looked awesome.


P.S. I'm glad you finally came out of the closet???

Maxine said...

Oh, my! You poor guys! I HATE thunderstorms and tornadoes are so very scary. Glad you're okay. Hope you won't get chased any more for a while yet.