Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Top Ten Tuesday

I remember when the Passion of the Christ came out everyone was so shocked at the horror of seeing the death of Jesus on the big screen. For those of us who grew up in church, I think that we often don't realize that most of the OT stories are not pretty felt board tales. There is some graphic stuff in the OT. So here is my challenge, what are the top ten horror stories in the bible? I'll start with a couple and leave the rest up to you......

10. Daniel in the Lion's den (Daniel 6:24)

9. Noah's Ark (Genesis 7:20)

8. The Golden Calf (Exodus 32:27)


lisa said...

I personally don't think facing a storm on the sea and then being thrown INTO the sea and then being swallowed by a huge fish and then spending 3 days in his belly and then being puked up onto the shore would be a story to share with the grandkids. And all that's before facing one of the most vile, wicked cities of the time and trying to preach repentance to them.
That's my guess for another one of the top ten horror stories. (Are these of your choosing, or did you find this list somewhere?)


Achin's sin and his whole family being killed would be bad.

Also, Ehud stabbed the fat kind. But that was actually kind of cool.

How about the man who vowed to God he'd sacrifice to God the next thing he saw ... and out of the house walked his daughter.


Neva said...

Read the story in Judges 19 about the Levite and his concubine. I really think this is the most graphic and unpretty stories in the bible.


Maxine said...

Our old family favorite--David and Goliath--is pretty gruesome. He cut off Goliath's head, you know.(I Samuel 17:51)

I agree with you, Neva. That story about the concubine always makes me shudder!