Sunday, July 01, 2007

From the city to the country

By now I think that I have told a million friends and now I will make this announcement to you my bloggie friends. We are moving from the city to the country. Although we don't really live "in the city" we do live very near two great big ones. And where we are going looks like that country picture strethced flat with more dirt.
I would share my feelings, but I am still a bit in shock and in "get things done fast" mode. We will be leaving in 1 1/2 weeks. To be perfectly honest this move is really not about me at all. My husband will be living a life-long goal as head football coach. I will be a bit closer to the parents and grandparents so for that I am thankful.
I am just asking that you pray for us as we make very big life adjustments. We will need God to take our hands and lead us because we are facing some big changes. I promise to keep you posted and may not be around much until we are settled.




I've been praying about this for about a week now. Moves are always scary. I remembering being scared to death to move from Tulia to Childress. Wow, what a blessing it's been to be in Childress.

I think God can do some amazing thing through you guys at school and at your new church home. Opportunities are limitless with God.

I asked your sweet daughter tonight if she was excited about the move ... she said, "Yep, I get a new room."

Pretty sweet girl.

Stachia said...


Your kids are so much fun! Last night while we working cleaning up around town they were so fun to watch as they chase and caught all of the frogs in the flower beds. I was really glad they were catching them because I don't like frogs.

Remember God is in Control and this move will be a blessing.

NB said...

Congrats to Rocky on the new job!

You'll be in my prayers.

Maxine said...

That's exciting,Monica!!
That is so nice about your husband's new job. Life will be so different, but I pray the Lord's blessings as you go.
btw, I hope you guys saw the movie, "Facing the Giants."

The Preacher's Household: said...

How fun! A new adventure and you do not have too long to dwell on it - just work! It will be exciting and I am sure you will be very blessed.


Maxine said...

Monica, Thanks for signing my husband's card! I really appreciate it!

Matthew said...

Been in both, and yes, they are both great.