Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hamburgers, ditch hopping, and a prayer of thanks.

I have a scary story to tell. We made the 20 minute trip last Sunday evening to see my cousin Josh Squash and his family. Hopefully you don't know Josh Squash so you won't worry about why his second name is squash (which is only allowed to be used by me). If you do know him then you should know that we have been friends for a LONG time and being the older cousin has its advantages. Anyway J.S. grilled out burgers for us and we got to meet his precious new addition, Luke. We had a great time and like always laughed a lot.

Now here is the scary part. On our journey home we came up to the truck stop that sits between his house and ours when a truck came onto our highway from the freeway right in front of us. Rocky slowed down but the truck moved to the shoulder. Now we both assumed that he was giving us room to pass him on the two lane highway since he had not reached a high speed yet. So, Rocky began to accelerate and move around the truck in the left lane. As soon as we were about half way between the front and back of the truck the driver made the rash decision (never used a blinker) to turn into the truck stop which would also mean turning into US! Had I been driving I would have slammed the brakes which would have been a wreck for sure. For whatever reason Rocky sped up and made the same turn with the truck which made us jump the ditch (yes in the minivan). I am not by nature a potty mouth, but I do have a "bleep bleep" word of reaction in tense situations which I screamed very loudly. Not sure why that one slips out because if ever I were to lose my life in a car accident I would hate that think that was my last word. Anyway, we came to a stop with dust flying all around. The kids were crying and we were shaking. Would you believe that trucker never stopped? He flew through that parking lot and back onto the interstate. We walked around the van and saw no damage. We were all ok and I don't think even one object inside the van moved.

Now you can believe what you want, but I believe that we had angels surrounding that van to protect us. I also believe that I have a husband with much better reaction skills than me. I guess it was all of that Dukes of Hazard watching that he did as a kid.

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Stachia said...

So glad you are all ok! What a scary deal, but I am glad Rocky was a Dukes of Hazard fan!