Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Top Ten Tuesday

I have decided to slowly re-enter my life and what better way than to post a top ten tuesday!

Since life has changed a lot for us recently, I thought that I would give you the top ten differences in our new life and the top ten things that are the same everywhere (in our experience).

Top ten "differences"

1. There are no planes flying over (unless you count crop dusters and those are only on occasion and not directly over our house)

2. Rocky walks across the street to work and school instead of commuting 45 min.

3. I have to drive 40 min for the nearest Wal-Mart

4. We can dump our trash anytime instead of keeping it in our garage until Monday

5. We have a P.O. box and no mail box in front of the house

6. Instead of people asking "where do you live" and "what do you do" they ask "where did you grow up" and "where do your folks live"

7. Everyone here knows someone that I know or have known or are related to

8. Nobody is really in a hurry

9. People "pop in" to visit instead of putting a visit on the calendar

10. I don't feel as panicked about locking my door at all times

Top ten "sames"

1. Everyone has an agenda

2. Kids are kids no matter where you live - they all need rules and fun

3. I have found that churches big and small have basically the same characters --- the sweet old ladies, the grumpy old ladies, the liberals, the conservatives, the fun people, the sit in the same pew people, the loud kids, the old men sleeping and they all have their own "story" to tell

4. There are just some people that you have instant chemistry with and they become friends

5. You always long for something somewhere else

6. Everyone everywhere worries what the rest of the crowd thinks about them

7. The sky still has the same stars

8. There is beauty everywhere it is just packaged differently

9. It still takes too long to get to my parents

10. Life happens everywhere you go; babies are born, people face sickness or even death, we all sleep and eat, and if we really understand what life is about we realize that we are all just God's children on our journey home


Stachia said...

This is a great top 10 list. Glad your back. Hope things are going well.

NB said...

Enjoyed your Top Ten lists. It's great that you could find positives for both. Way to go!

When we can only see the differences, change can be difficult. Change is much easier when we recognize the "sames".

Happy Adjusting!