Friday, August 31, 2007

Admission is Free

Well, today I am taking you somewhere that you may never want to go again. Deep inside the brain of mommysmart. I have convinced myself, in an effort to feel normal, that all mommy's experience the full spectrum of emotions daily. Let me take you on yesterday's journey.

Panic - For the first time in our married life, We overslept yesterday morning (great considering it is only day 2 of the school year). I woke up to find my son had at some point slipped into our bed during the night and so I laid there for a good 5 minutes smirking at his ability to sneak in without waking either of us. I stretched. Then suddenly like a cup of ice dumped on my face I realized that the sun was brightly shining through our window. Of course, the sun has yet to shine through our window at 5:30 am so I jumped, screamed, and ran all at the same time. We realized that it was 7:30 and the scramble began. We have only one bathroom so you can imagine how fun it was to all be bumping elbows as we took care of only the necessities. Rocky was showering, brushing his teeth, and shaving in about one motion. I was trying to dress myself, Ashlynn, and Rylan without switching any of our clothes. Rocky and Ashlynn walked out of our front door at 7:47! Today we set TWO alarms.

Excitement - Rylan and I went with a new friend and her two kids to a nearby town for breakfast and play time. It is always fun to meet new people and discover all the things about them. Most women understand that is great to realize that someone else in the world daily lives the challenges of raising kids. I also met two new friends in the afternoon. Hello Howells!

Frustration - I worked on my Texas History class yesterday afternoon. Whoa! I am going to be reading ALOT. We have three books for this class and I hope to be a Texas history expert after that much of a non-fiction reading investment. It seems like I have about 1 million assignments a week.

Disappointment - I spent so much time reading about spanish explorers searching for gold and the fountain of youth that I spent no time with a 4 year old explorer searching for the channel with Wow! Wow! Wubbzy on it. I allowed him to have WAY too much TV time.

Pride - Ashlynn and I had a girl's night last night. Rocky and Rylan went to the WTAMU football game so it was just the two of us. I just love those moments when your children tell you stories about their day that make you know that there was at least something that you said that they heard. She and her new friends have a "club" at recess. She made sure that I knew that their club was open to anyone because it would not be nice to exclude others.

Fear - When the boys are gone I tend to be a little jumpy. I heard a crash from Ashlynn's room. I ran to her and she was wide eyed, too. We decided that something must have fallen off of her bed (she has a bunk). I found out this morning that it was a clothes rod full of jackets in her closet.

Thankfulness - As I laid my head on my pillow last night I just thanked God for the peace of a mommy who has all of her family home, safe, and healthy.

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Monalea said...

Normal - A setting on your dryer.

Today I'm going to be air fluff.

Tomorrow? Permanent Press.


PS I feel your pains and excitements.