Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A prayer for Ashlynn

Dear Lord,

As my daughter flashes a nervous grin in my direction just before she walks into her classroom among the peers who are slowing gaining more influence on her than me, please bless her friendships.

As she listens intently to the teacher who daily sacrifices her time and energy to bring forward a generation brighter than the one before, please bless the life of her teachers and the effect they have on her life.

As she moves to the playground to socially engage with boys who tease and pester her, but will one day want to date her, please bless the boys that she chooses to befriend with a strong relationship with you.

As she makes her way to P.E. to run and play, please bless her body to stay strong and healthy.

As she works on her assignments and learns each day, please bless her mind to remain capable and clear.

As she ends her day to come home, please bless her mommy and daddy so that we always give her a soft place to fall and a hand to hold even when the rest of this world makes no sense to her.

In Jesus Name,


Neva said...

Praying too!


StacyD said...

That was so sweet! As a mommy of a brand new kindergartner, it hits home. I'm all misty....

Matt H. said...

That was awesome. Having a girl in the 7th grade and wondering about what boys she will date is hard for me. I have recently been praying about my little girls husband where ever he is, that he is being raised in a Christian home and is learning how to treat a ladie and a wife. Love you prayer, Thanks

Stachia said...



Dear Lord,

Thank you for blessing Ashlynn with good Christian parents who will influence her in a positive way.

In Jesus' name,


Monalea said...

What a beautiful little girl. Reminds me of her mother!