Wednesday, August 29, 2007

First day of School

Well here it is THE third grade class. I have probably already said this before, but each grade only has around 20 kids so all of the kids in each grade are in the same class. Ashlynn's teacher is Mrs. Gerber (who has a great reputation for being an excellant teacher). Ashlynn is just behind the girl in the white shirt. For the first time ever, several of the kids are her height or taller. And also notice that most of the class is girls. I guess that is great when you are 9 but may not be so fun at 15.

As you can tell she was a little nervous. That is a look of uncertainty on her face. Please pray that she adjusts quickly.

Here we are about to leave. All school supplies are in the back pack and lunch is packed (which she did herself last night for the first time).

Of course, it was Daddy's first day, too. It didn't feel like it for him since he has already been working so much. Rylan and I plan to do some school work, too. I am taking 12 online hours and thanks to Mom he has his own pre-school workbook that he is very excited to start. God bless teachers and students all across the U.S. this week!
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Wow, what a first week of school. We've learned so much from our kids. Cooper told me yesterday that he met the meanest teacher in the world on the playground. I said, "Really, the meanest in the world?" He said, "Dad, there is NO niceness in her at all."


Liss and MOMMY said...

Hey Trey you can't leave the same comments on everyone's blog! Just kidding, I shouldn't complain you at least leave one.
Ok, now why I am really here. Cody and Joshua are talking about coming to watch your guys play football. Me and the kids may tag along, so maybe we can meet you guys.
I will let you know more details later.