Thursday, August 23, 2007

Pancakes, Petulant people, and Piggy back rides

While in the metroplex with the parents on our recent trip we decided to have a very "healthy" breakfast at the closest IHOP. Have you ever noticed that you feel better going into IHOP than coming out. Probably because you weighed 5 lbs less before the 10 lbs of pancakes.

Anyway, I was sitting next to my dad and a couple came in just after us and sat directly behind us. As soon as they were seated they were complaining about their table, the weather, the waitress, the noise, and anything else that crossed their minds. I thought that perhaps some gooey pancakes would either make them feel better of at least fill their mouths so that the grumbling would stop. BUT NO! The coffee was too cold, the plates were too hot, the waitress took too long bringing their refills. This went on and on and on.... I just kept hoping that their dark mood wasn't contagious.

Now, if you want to be a grumpy bear, then fine, but leave me out of it. As we got up to leave, Rylan asked for a piggy back ride. I said sure and let him crawl aboard. Would you believe that out of that ladies mouth came, "well, that boy aint no baby, he can walk." Being the fine christian "big mouth" that I am, I turned, smiled, and said, "well, he's my baby." So we left IHOP, the pancakes, and the black cloud all behind and had a great day, ME AND MY BABY!


Monalea said...

I have a hard time handling crabby people also. The kids and I learned the word 'crabby' in sign language. It was handy when you were around crabby people so as to warn the noncrabby people. I'm glad to know there are other loud mouth Christians out there.


Neva said...

Good job, Monica! There is a huge difference in being subjected to the bad mood of others and taking their mood as your own.