Sunday, August 26, 2007

Rylan's new buddy

Whether he asked for it or not Naz Swift senior Tyler has a new friend. Rylan adores him and constantly looks for him and shouts out his name. Tyler was one of the wonderful guys that helped us move into our house and he also attends church with us. I think that it is so cute to see in Rylan's eyes just how much he idolizes him. Thankfully Tyler is kind to Rylan and always makes a point to talk to him. I'm sure that Rylan will continue to look up to guys on the football team, but Tyler will always be his first hero.
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My boys have always had buddies and heroes. I think it's an important part of their spiritual growing and maturing process. Do everything you can to place 'good' influences in their lives. AND, do everything you can to get rid of 'bad' influences in their lives.

Loved the picture. It spoke the whole post in the picture.