Saturday, August 04, 2007

What is in a reflection?

How many times would you guess that you look in the mirror a day? For some people this number is bigger than for others. I think for the most part we all do at least twice a day and usually have some emotional reaction to that reflection. Sometimes it can make us feel good, but too often it can create worry. I still remember the "teen acne" years as a bad mirror time for me. After awhile it began to effect the way that I felt about myself and even the way I felt about life. I guess as I get older the mirror worries me a lot less (unless you count staring at it to pick out the grey hairs and discovering new fine lines).

I started with all of that because yesterday Rylan had bumped his head and I told him that he had a red mark just above his eye. He said let me see. I told him to go look in the bathroom mirror (which I forgot is above his head here). He came back and said that he couldn't see himself and at that moment I realized that there is nowhere in this house that he can see his reflection. Before yesterday, I wonder if he even realized that. I guess when someone brushes your teeth for you, combs your hair, keeps your face clean, and dresses you there is no real reason to look.

Sort of makes me wonder if our world would be a better place if we never had to worry about our reflection because we were taken care of by those that could see us. I know that he sure seems happy and spends NO emotional energy on the way that he looks.


StacyD said...

Great post! I'm all for letting the mirrors go after we ALL shave our heads! How much time could we save?

Monalea said...

Excellent thought! I can't imagine how we would see ourselves without the mirrors; but it's worth the thought.