Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Bye Bye Beta

Yet, another beta fish has swam his last circle in a Smart family fish bowl. We had the funeral for Joey tonight and then Rylan flushed him away to the ocean. I was afraid that the move would fatally effect the little guy, but it is still hard to watch your kids cry when they loose their fish. Of course, I tried to teach the lessons of life, God, and heaven as the toilet took him away. Rylan cried for about 10 min and then said what every loving pet owner would think of......

"when I get to pick out another one I want him to be blue and green and he will be Joey, too."

Oh well, bless his little fish soul we did love him even if he is replaced the next day for $2.50 at Wal-Mart.


Monalea said...


I have missed you! I had a beta in college and I remember occasionally taking a pencil and stirring it around to remove the scum. I can't believe that poor fish lasted 4-ever. I always thought betas were indestructible.


NB said...

We've flushed a whole school of fish this summer!
We just name them Pete and Re-Pete. Ha!

Mommysmart said...


No, I've missed you! Glad that we are back in the blogging business. You know we have luck about every other time with these betas.


That is so funny, Pete and Re-Pete. We will have to remember that one.

Have a great day!

Stachia said...


We had a beta here at the office that a customer gave us and we all loved that fish, one day during our office remodel we noticed the fish kinda floating around so Becky and I got a straw and blew air into the bowl. He decided that all of the dust was causing him not to get enough oxygen. He perked up and lived about another month. The guys teased us about giving CPR to a fish but he lived a little longer. We said would get another when the remodel was done and it's been 2 years and we can't bring ourselves to get another.


I've done funerals for dogs, cats, fish, turtles and a rabbit. The rabbit was the craziest. It was Parker's 4-H rabbit that won him all his trophies. The stupid rabbit had about 10 different names. Little J, Peanut Butter, JP, PJ and the other 6 escape me. I remember asking the Lord to bless little JP, PJ, Peanut Butter ... and named off all the list of names. Lea and I kept a straight face till I was talking about all the little rabbit's good traits and mentioned his 42 names. I made the mistake of looking up and seeing Lea trying to keep a straight face ... then I lost it too.

Yep, right in the middle of a funeral.

Maxine said...

We had two plain old goldfish that lived pretty long. Speckles and Snappy. Speckles lived five years and Snappy, nine years! When Snappy died, I cried bitter tears while dipping him out of the tank. We even had this little case which we had been saving as a coffin! Once, my older daughter had a goldfish for a year or so; we had a funeral and were impressed that our dog Buddy came along to mourn with us as we buried Cordelia. Well, you know what's coming--the next morning we found Cordelia dug up and lying in her plastic bag on top of the soil. Buddy had decided she wasn't the meal he had hoped for.