Thursday, September 06, 2007

Daddy's feet

Rylan has become suddenly fascinated with Daddy's bare feet. Everytime Rocky walks in the door, Rylan begs him to take his shoes off. Now, thinking that this was a bit strange, I asked Rylan about it. He was quick to let me know that when Daddy's shoes are off then he stays at home. I guess that football season has been a little rough on the little man and his time with Daddy. I pray that you find time to take your shoes off today!


Monalea said...

Kids are so lovely, and when you see things through their eyes you are so blessed.


Stachia said...

That is to cute! I remember when Conner was sick I was invited to go to Washington DC for Relay on the Hill for the American Cancer Soceity and I was a little nervous about leaving the kids. I found out they were just as nervous and I found them spraying my perfume on the pillows and Cam even slept with my coat that week because it smelled like me. Kids can do the funniest things to get our attention.

Maxine said...

Oh boy, this is something to remember! I can see a kid thinking that way!
Have a blessed Lord's Day tomorrow!