Thursday, September 20, 2007

God is my bodyguard

We had the most amazing discussion last night in our bible class. First, I must say that our preacher is tremendous. If he doesn't know, then he will find out.

We have been talking about the crucifixion and all of the details surrounding the life of Jesus. He made the comment that there were several attempts on Jesus' life before his death. He wasn't sure how many last week, but between then and last night he had researched it and we had amazing insight to the greatness of Jesus' ability to "give up his own life" when he was ready. I had never really thought about the numerous attempts on his life.

God is like the ultimate body guard! I felt a great deal of strength from that realization. If Jesus didn't die until the time was right, then we don't either. God is MY bodyguard, too.

Then we talked about the multiple things that Jesus said just before death. EX: I'm thirsty, It is finished, Father, into your hands I commit my spirit, etc. Then someone asked about his conversation with the thief and how he tells him that today you will be with me in paradise. That is when we began talking about the paradise, heaven, hades, hell thing. I honestly in 32 years of life have never heard a lot of discussion about this.

I want to know what your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings are on this topic. You may want to reference Luke 23:43, 23 Cor 12:4, Mat 16:18 and Rev 2:7.

Have a blessed day and know that you are protected until your work here is finished!


Matt H. said...

This is a topic that i have often wondered about. In Luke 23:43, Christ tells the thief "you will be with me in Paradise." So Christ was going to Paradise. In Acts Chaper 1 vs 11, we are told that Jesus was taken up to Heaven.
Makes you think that Paradise and Heaven are two differnt places. I don't know what to think, but i know that i want to be there.

Maxine said...

Amen, Monica. And Amen, Matt. These are deep things which are hard to understand, but we know that our Savior willingly gave His life. No one took it-He gave it. Praise the Lord!
BTW, I love that picture!