Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I'm so exctied that I can barely stand it....

This a big week for me. I wait for this week all summer and I know that it is VERY sad that I have even taken the time to blog about it. This is NBC premier week. I am a HUGE NBC fan. It may even be a sickness. I know that there are good shows on other channels, but I still stick by the NBC lineup. So that you know here is what I will be watching.....

Tuesdays: Biggest Loser

This is really a great motivational program. When it first started I thought that it was ridiculous. I even thought that it seemed humiliating. I have changed my mind and really think that they have done an impressive job and used this show to help a lot of people.

Thursdays: My Name is Earl

Just plain sillyness. This show has very few redeeming qualities, which is why it is so funny. If you have ever heard the term "white trash" and been confused, then watch this show and you will understand.

The Office

Probably my favorite. This one can often make me a bit uncomfortable because it is really not that wholesome. Certainly not for kids (not that anything on primetime really is anymore). I just love the absurdness of their "typical" office days.


Am I the only person in the world still watching this show? I really only watch it out of habbit, because I think that every season will be the last. I honestly don't know one other person that still watches it.

Friday: Friday Night Lights

This one will be a DVR event. This is a new one for me thanks to the strong encouragement from my BFF, Stacy. I have been watching last season online and I am now ready for season 2. Of course, I will be at the "Naz friday night lights" when it comes on so I will have to watch it on Saturday mornings via DVR.

The Apprentice

Season 6 starts in January. I haven't missed one yet. I know that it is really sad that I would endorse anything that puts more money in the pocket of Donald Trump, but I love this show. I think that it is because I could never in a million years see myself in their place. I am not competitive enough, or mean enough, and certainly not as driven for the almighty dollar. I think that I enjoy the enteraction amoung the contestants as much as anything.

Just so that you know, I am not afraid to venture over to ABC for Dancing with the Stars or the Bachelor from time to time. I just don't get all crazy about those two like I do my NBC stuff. So what are you watching this season?


Stachia said...

You have time for TV. Honestly I still try to watch ER but usually I am at a ballgame. Really the only night we watch is on Monday and we try to watch Super Nanny before the football games come on. On the weekends I find myself flipping between HGTV, TLC and the Food Network.(The kids say I need to get a life.)

Heather said...

I'm with Stachia on this one. I never seem to get to watch tv, but when I do....its The Office, My Name is Earl, Medium(not sure if it is back this season), Grey's Anatomy, and ER. I have been a fan of ER for forever! Last year wasn't one of my favorites, but I keep watching!

Kellie said...

Hi! I love your site! I was refereed from a friend of a friend to watch the Mommy video! Hilarious!! Just wanted to also tell you ... YES... I still watch ER for the very same reasons!! ;0) Have a great day!! K


You've got all your shows wrong ... it's should be Survivor, Monday Night Football and CSI.

Thanks for not posting about "girly" stuff today.