Monday, September 17, 2007

If you are a guy, DON'T READ THIS POST, you won't understand!

Oh, my hair!!! I must change because I look terrible. The most recent of me is the one with the really dark, long, boring hair. I took away the blonde - myself (since I live 347 miles from my precious hair friends and can't afford the non-free highlights). As you know, I have been a hair stylist for 10 years and have always traded with my other "hair" friends. I am joining you now in the world of "paying" for cuts and colors.

Why is this so hard?

I am pretty sure that I will go short, because I feel frumpy and not-cool. The photo has my most recent short hair styles. The problem is that I can't afford a trip to the salon every 4 weeks for a cut. And people, you must go every four weeks if you have a short cut that continues to look trendy. I'm sorry, It is just the truth! So should I try any of the styles from the photo again or should I just start from scratch? Thank you for reading my vanity post and I promise to offer you hair therapy the next time that you need it.


8-) said...

Girl, as a hairapist, I say go for something you haven't done before! I've went dark, too, btw, since my favorite hairdresser (you!) moved away! --Stacy H.

Anonymous said...

Amen! Dare to do something different! I say since no color change....brown bob it! Maybe some bangs. Or how about my cutie haircut....

lisa said...

When I saw your title, I was thinking your post would be about PMS! LOL

I think you look great in all the pics. My opinion is that you should stick with the brown for something different & go with the hairstyle that you have in the first column, second picture (under the latest picture of you). That bob looks good on you!

I am currently growing my hair out to get it cut for Locks for Love, but after that, I am looking for a cute short style, so let me know what you think!

Neva said...

I think you are beautiful no matter what your hair style--


Liss and MOMMY said...

Ok, you are going to have to come over and use my hair girl. She is great and cheap. My sister comes from Amarillo because she is so cheap.