Friday, January 25, 2008

Passing on some interesting stuff from my classes....

I read this in the notes from one of my professors.......

My best friend and I like to remind ourselves, “We are old enough to decide who we want to play with.” Sometimes we have to make decisions to end relationships that are damaging to us and our other relationships.

------Dr. Kris Drumheller

This really made me think about my relationships. It is not often that as christians we feel it is ever ok to end a relationship, but there are those that can be damaging to our other relationships. What do you think?


Ever heard of Naikan therapy?

Naikan is a Japanese word which means "inside looking" or "introspection." The goal of Naikan therapy is to replace the focus on the self with a sense of gratitude and obligation toward significant others. The three themes are.....What have I received from others in my life?.......What have I done in return?......What problems have I caused for others?

I found this fascinating!!!!


We were asked on a homework assignment to talk about what difficulties in life meant to us. Here was my answer.......

We are all faced with tough decisions and often we make choices that create difficulties for us. It is through accepting responsibility for those decisions that we grow. I once heard a saying, “sometimes we make right decisions and often we make decisions right.”

Some of this stuff is deep so please feel free to share your thougts on this one, too!


RAN said...

What class are you taking? That is some fascinating stuff! You asked about christians choosing to end a friendship. We felt the need to 'back away' from a friendship with christian's due to her jealousy that always caused problems. It was a right move on our part, no question. But now, nine years later, it is still a struggle. So yes, for a soul's sake, some relationships should not continue. You can't always help another soul, either by your presence or by your distance. No matter how much you may want to!


Wow, these things do make you think. Deep. Why aren't you taking "thinking" classes? :)

My brain hurts now.

Neva said...

Sometimes people are good people, they just aren't good for you! I have had to limit my contact with a Christian sister or two because I was not strong enough or mature enough to keep their behaviors or words from influencing my attitude and my thoughts. I still pray for them and am cordial and concerned. They are still my sisters and are very good women--we are just not good for each other. I think that's okay! It is important to try and surround ourselves with those who can help us get to heaven. And likewise I want to be the kind of Christian who is good for others not just good to them. Does that make sense?
Have a great day, Monica.

Procters said...

Wow, that is deep. Act 15 talks about how Paul and Barnabas parted ways. They did not agree on the way things should progress in their ministry. They did not choose the same friends. Even though they parted ways, they both continued to preach Jesus. Even though they were not good for each other, they continued to be good for the kingdom.

Mommysmart said...

Hey Everyone!


I am taking 15 hours of english, psychology, sociology, and a communications. I agree that you can't always help with your presence or your distance. Great point!


Aren't you preachers supposed to have stretched out brains. Yours shouldn't hurt, this is normal stuff for you. :)


I like your point about not being mature/strong enough. I guess sometimes we have to end relationships for our own good, too. Good for them vs. good to them---makes perfect sense and really that is deep!


I am so happy to have you popping in on mommysmart! Paul and Barnabas, of course. Perfect example and this is why I have missed you. I like that "good for the kingdom" doesn't always mean "good for each other".

This was fun! Thanks everyone for the comments.

Liss and MOMMY said...

Are you guys free Sunday night for some football? Call me for info on superbowl party.

Matt H. said...

I like the first one about relationships, going through some of that right now.

The rest of them, like Trey, made my head hurt. good luck with your sutdies.