Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A slew of Christmas pictures, some important rambling, and an admission

Well what good group of photos would be complete without one of the kiddos sitting under Grandmomma's Christmas tree? If you are wondering why they are smiling so big it is because they just got every present in the entire world!!! It is great to be a kid at Christmas.
Here are my two babies God sent me via the brother and sister-in-law. I bought them these matching outfits for Christmas and my sister-in-law was kind enough to let them wear them Christmas day so I could take an enormous amount of photos.

Who says only kids can sit on Santa's lap? I guess if you are "Santa's little girl" then there are exceptions. My grandparents paid a visit to my Mom's daycare as the Clauses during the holidays.

No, I am not telling my all grown up baby cousin any secrets. It is a tradition every year that I give him a kiss under the mistletoe. It was really sweet when he was a little boy and probably a little creepy now. It is still fun to make him blush!

Here are some of my favorite people in the world. This is my mom and her siblings. Since you got to see their 18 year old faces in the gift that I gave my grandparents, I felt it only fair to show you their "not so 18" year old faces. These are the adults that have had the most influence on my life.

This may be completely wrong to share, but it makes me giggle. Rocky caught a quick pic of Rylan taking care of business while enjoying the latest edition of my ALLURE magazine. From this day forward I vow to never again post a "potty picture".

Important Rambling
I have the smartest friend in the world! She is always full of information that improves my life, makes me think, or just stretches me. As usual she told me about a new "mommy movement" that I had to check out. It will be well worth your time to view the 20 minute video called THE STORY OF STUFF.
I haven't exactly been the most enthusiastic blogger lately. I can't promise that it will get much better becasue I will be attempting 15 hours this next semester. I will certainly try to at least update you with the latest and greatest news. Thank you for always stopping by and for all of your encouragement!

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Heather said...

Great photos.....did your Grandparents get pretty emotional about their gift? Thanks for posting about the story of stuff....it is an eye-opener! Happy New Year!