Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The things that make you go hmmm.....

Not too long ago I began a very frustrating battle with AT&T over their inability to disconnect my phone and internet service when we moved. Of course, they also continued to bill me for my disconnected service. I made a phone call to that company every single month from July to November because each month I would receive a bill for service that I was not receiving. Of course, every time that I called I would spend 5 min punching this number and that number to take me to different menus and would finally get an operator only to be transferred two or three times before being "disconnected". Well at least they are able to disconnect something. Anyway, they finally began to clear their mistake and at last today I received this final settlement of my account................Yes, that is a $.12 check. I had overpaid! So thank you, AT&T for wasting a stamp, a tree, and a lot of my time all so that 6 months later you could send me my credit of 12 cents.

What a funny world that we live in!!!


Monalea said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, I know it's not funny, and you never felt like laughing, but I have been in simular waters. I got a doctor bill for .34 cents.

Love ya,


NB said...

The last time we moved, I called the phone company to find out the exact amount that was owed so that I could pay it and disconnect.

I did that three times and each time I was assured that I would no longer receive a bill.

After several months of receiving another "final" bill, I had to laugh at the last one that requested I pay 23 cents!

Been there, done that!