Friday, July 18, 2008

Football Camp

Rocky had football camp this last week for the future Swifts. We had around 55 (divided into three groups) come for camp ranging from ages 5-13.
Each day they anxiously awaited awards like "the hustle award" and "great attitude award".

They also played a little tag football. You can see that Rylan is close to a capture if Mr. Culwell doesn't beat him. I thought that it was cute that some of the boys were disapointed that they didn't get to wear pads and tackle.

I thought that this pic was cute with Rylan standing in front of Daddy in the huddle. I'm sure that there will be many moments like this one in our lifetime.

Notice how tall Rylan is (in the middle). These boys will all be going to kindergarten next year, but Rylan has been red-shirted. Also, don't you love the cows grazing in the background?

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Liss and MOMMY said...

The boys loved it! They played in the frontyard every afternoon this week. So Cute! Tell Rocky he did a great job.