Thursday, July 31, 2008

QMCC 2008

This year as most of you know, I was a counselor at QMCC. I first learned about QMCC as a kid (somewhere around 10) when I went as a camper. Lots has changed since those days, but so many things are exactly the same. There is now air conditioned cabins, indoor bathrooms, a new pool, and a lot more kids in one session. Many things are exactly the same as they were over 20 years ago. There is still outdoor worship, skit night, devo on the rocks in the mornings & devo under the stars at night, and of course many creepy crawly things.
Like most church camps there is so much evidence of the greatness of our God. The kids attending are exposed constantly to our God through activity and praise. There is still nothing more beautiful than the voices of 250 children in harmony praising God. So many times I had to just close my eyes and take it all in. Thanks to all of you who were praying for me and for the campers.
Here is a photo of Joni and I on the last day. We decided that we were getting pretty old for the fast and furious pace of summer camp. We were feeling TIRED at this point. It was such a blessing to spend the week with her. We don't get a lot of time together since we gained hubbys, babies, and responsibilities. We still giggled like we did 15 years ago. Each morning at 7:30 we climbed these rocks and spent some time in worship. It was beautiful!
From the top this was our view. They may look like small hills, but to a panhandle girl it was breathetaking.

Ashlynn and Kayla spent almost every day during recreation time doing crafts.

These are the sixth grade girls that were in my bible class. We had a great time learning twice each day. Trey put together a great series on parables that we taught in small groups.

On skit night we had entertainment from Hannah Montana (aka Emily Boucher).

Ashlynn's cabin did a crazy hair skit. There was a mess of backcombing and hairspray in her big hair. It was a cute skit.

Here are all of the girls planning their attempt to catch the boys on sadie hawkins chase. The goal is to chase and tag the boy that you want to invite to the banquet. Ashlynn went for a younger man and tagged Luc Boucher as her date.

These are the girls from my cabin. There were 24 of them ranging from 7-9 graders. They were a lot of fun. The only real challenge was getting them all through 3 showers each night (and occasionally avoiding minor drama).

And of course, we had a visit from Elvis. Thank you Trey and Nate for giving up your front row seats so that all of us first timers could clearly see the show.



Cool pictures. Now that a week has past and I'm beginning to get some sleep back that I lost, I beginning to think I liked camp this year. Not sure yet, give me another week to sleep and I'll know for sure.

Wasn't it fun?

Neva said...

Looks like so much fun! I miss camp!