Friday, November 14, 2008

The little things

This has been a good year to live a hour and twenty minutes from Lubbock. The Red Raiders are having a football season like none other. Rocky has taken Rylan to three games this year and both have loved Saturday Night Football. Finally last week at the Tech vs. Oklahoma State game Ashlynn got to have a turn.

Most of you know that I aim to be a very supportive Coaches wife. I go to all of the games dressed in the right colors and can hoop and holler with the best of them (on occasion). I love watching young men whose lives so directly effect our lives go out and ram into others head on for the sacred prize of "champion". Now, when it comes to putting in overtime (scouting, college games, watching football on TV, etc.) vs. shopping, then we have a different story.

I am going to shop, people.

Ashlynn normally always wants to go with me. You can understand why I was hurt and betrayed that she would cross over to the other side. So I had to creatively encourage Rylan to be my shopping buddy last weekend in Lubbock. I bribed him with an evening at the mall with one rule. We would only do what he wanted to do, go into the stores that he wanted to shop in, and he could spend his $7.00 (hard earned) however he wanted. This is how our evening went........

1. First stop.....Clifford the Big Red Dog Merry Go Round.......$1.00
2. Next, Nursery Rhyme Ice Cream Cart (he almost didn't fit into this one).......$0.75
3. JC Penny - This one surprised me. We walked in all the while I am asking him, "why do you want to shop in this store?" He continued on like a man on a mission straight to the escalator. We went up and down....up and down....up and down.....finally at the fear of getting kicked out of the store, I encouraged that we move on.
4. Then, Stuart Little Car (notice the trend, every "ride" in the mall).........$0.75
5. Next up....Chick-fil-A. He told me that he wanted a Sprite. "A medium, not small, and you have to pay for it." Of course, I reminded him that we could do what he wanted, but he had to spend his money. Then he reminded me that he really likes Texas Tech Football games. I bought a Medium Sprite with humbleness that "I" was not the first choice.
6. We went into all of the sports stores, the candy store, a hallmark (until he noticed "girl stuff" to which we quickly excited), we watched hermit crabs (forever), and last but not least we spent 2 more of his quarters to buy one of those giant gumballs that rolled out and hit the floor which he swiped up and had in his mouth chomping before I could screech that you can't eat off of the floor.
So, if you ever wonder how much a wonderful date with a five year old boy would cost's $3.00 in rides and candy, the price of a medium soda, and likely a dentist bill for the NOT-sugar free gum that rolled on the floor.


Liss and MOMMY said...

I love it!
Maude told me she had better love date days with her dad. (just because I didn't go to Wal-mart and buy her anything)

Stephanie said...

love the post....I am ready for those days....enjoy it....steph

Procters said...

I can so relate to this post...except, I would have probably chosen to go to the game instead of shop! :)

Amanda KP said...

how sweet!!! i love the fact that y'all are 'dating' your will teach them so many things in life!!! i also love that you let it be his day!!!
i have to agree with the previous post, though; i so would have chosen a football game--any level--over shopping!! :) to each his/her own!!!

Stachia said...

When Clay turned 14 I asked him what he wanted for his birthday and he replied " I want to go to Amarillo and go with just you." We spent the day doing boy shopping and when we played lights out golf I the owner heard me say Happy Birthday and gave us an extra round of golf because he said it was unusual to see a 14 year old playing golf with his mom on his birthday. This year when he turned 16 I was ready for him to say he wanted a party or was going to hang out with his girlfriend but instead he just wanted to go with me. What a feeling and it turns out the other three have requested the same kind of a day. This past weekend I went to Women of Faith and it was Cam's birthday so I met the other 3 kids outside of OKC and we drove to Okmulgee to see Cam. We were sitting in a restruant eating breakfast when Cam all 19 years old of him looked at me and said Mom can I sit in your lap and you rub my back? I replied here in the restraunt and he got up and sat in my lap and I rubbed his back. The waitress was floored and she dropped gravy all over the floor. These moments make up for all the moment they drive me crazy. However, it cost more than $3.00 as they get older.