Monday, October 23, 2006


I went last week to the local community college for information about starting school. I felt really old, but also a lot more confident than I did 13 years ago. I am going to call three more colleges today for more information. I am planning to begin college in January. As most of you know, I do not love school. I really feel like I need to make a different career decision. I am seeing this as my only alternative. Please pray for me as I search for the right college and make this change. I know that this will be difficult, but I believe that I can get through it with a lot of prayer.

Mommy, I'm scared of the "toilet paper" monster

Yesterday, Rylan ran to me very upset with the above statement. I could not figure out what he was talking about so I followed him to the TV. There was a comercial on with a "mummy". Funny that he called it that, but with all of the increased attention to Halloween he has suddenly become frightened of monsters. I decided to get some opions from christian sources on the topic of Halloween and here is what I found.

What to Do About Halloween
Dr. James Dobson’s Perspective

Q. Is it wrong for Christian families to celebrate Halloween?
Even here there is a place for some harmless fun.

A. Whereas it can be argued that Christmas is a Christian holiday with Christian origins that has suffered the effects of growing secularism, Halloween can be traced to distinctly pagan sources. It is reasonable, then, that many believers would find some aspects of its celebration disturbing. I agree with them in that regard. The traditional emphasis upon the occult, witches, devils, death, and evil sends messages to our kids that godly parents can only regard with alarm. There is clearly no place in the Christian community for this “darker side” of Halloween.

Even here, however, there is a place for some harmless fun. Kids love to dress up and pretend. If the Halloween experience is focused on fantasy rather than the occult, I see no harm in it. Make costumes for your children that represent fun characters, such as Mickey Mouse or an elderly grandmother, and then let them go door-to-door asking for treats. This side of Halloween can be thoroughly enjoyable for the little ones.

Let me add, again, that I’ve given you my personal opinion. I realize that the topic is controversial among committed Christians, and I’m sensitive to the reasons for their misgivings. My final word to parents on the subject would be “Stay true to your own convictions.”

Dr. James Dobson is president and founder of Focus on the Family.

I also liked what this family did:

We opted for "not scary" costumes and will be attending local church fall festivals. I really don't agree with completely ignoring the holiday, but I like providing alternate activities for us so that we don't feel left out. You can see my kids costumes here. Let me know what you think!

The things that I admire about


she is determined, caring, a great listener, very entertaining, positive in the most absurd circumstances, she rarely tells anyone "no", she is a very supportive wife, she overcomes, never uses excuses as an obstacle, will drop it all to help a friend, and most of all I appreciate her everyday support!

Money does not buy happiness
I know, you have heard that a million times. It is so true. I found this article...

How You Stack Up

The Average American: 1967 and By Tom Van Riper As the U.S. population crossed the 300 million mark sometime around 7:46 a.m. Tuesday (according to the U.S. Census Bureau), the typical family is doing a whole lot better than their grandparents were in 1967, the year the population first surpassed 200 million.....

So why are they so unhappy? Yes, despite their material prosperity, the Medians are a grumpy lot.....

You can read the rest at:

We also had a wonderful sermon yesterday addressing this same issue. You can check it out at:
It is the sermon titled, What's the big deal with work?


Does anyone know anything about this organization? I have signed up as the leader for our school. It sounds like a great organization.


I feel blessed today for all that we have that makes our lives comfortable. I pray that we never forget just how blessed we are for the luxuries of our day and age. I pray that money and work will never control our lives.

So that's all from this day in the life of mommysmart!

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Ms. Hixon said...

I think your children's costumes are entirely appropriate. There is nothing wrong with make-believe. I'm sure you know how I feel about the holidays. I don't care for Halloween, although I don't mind the my daughter dressing up in something cute. I think that Christmas has completely gotten out of control with the commercialism of santa. P.S. Have you ever noticed how close the words santa and satan are?