Thursday, April 12, 2007

Monkey see, Monkey do

As a parent, I find myself always beaming with pride when I read about the many great things that Rylan is learning at his mothers-day-out program at Legacy Church of Christ. I love that he is advancing his preschool skills (letters, numbers, etc.). I get excited when he knows his memory verse ***IN SIGN LANGUAGE***. I am daily amazed at all of the wonderful things about this program. But, please notice the top right corner under time-outs. In case you can't read time-out for angrily pointing finger in friends face. Not exactly my most proud moment. I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE HE LEARNED THIS BEHAVIOR, but I may need to go to time-out now.


lisa leichner said...

Oh dear. I hate it when I get "caught." :) It's a powerful statement of taking care with our own actions when little eyes are watching.

Neva said...

Been there, done that, still there, still doing that--sure wish someone could tell me why they still remember the bad stuff even when they grow up. :)





Stachia said...

One summer I was teaching the combined class of 1st thru 5th grade with Joyce and my lesson was on the tongue and not using bad langauage. The very next day we were driving and a car pulled out in front of me just barely missing us and I said something I shouldn't have. The next Wednesday night Conner announced to everyone what I said and Joyce very comely said sometimes we make a mistake and we just need to ask for forgivness. I could have died.