Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Oh, to be somebody's hero!

I know that I just posted very recently about Rylan's hero, Tyler. Here is a photo that Erica took at the first game of Rylan holding the photo button that Tyler's mom gave him. He has no shame, he asked her if he could "just have that picture of Tyler".

On Sunday when we heard the news of the car accident we only first knew that there were six kids involved and that one of them was the best friend of Tyler. I can't even begin to explain the sick feeling in my stomach until we found him that night. Rylan was with us and had overheard enough to know that we were worried about the Naz kids. He just kept saying "we need to find Tyler and see that he is ok". He wanted so much to see him for himself.

Tyler has lost two of his friends lately. He attended the first funeral on Saturday and will attend the next one of friday morning. I can't even begin to imagine the pain that he feels right now. I just hope that he knows that there are two big blue eyes watching his every move and convinced that he is super man.

We took the team popsicles today and Rylan was so happy to see Tyler. He just kept saying "he is my buddy, right, mommy."

For Tyler: I know the pain of losing a friend young and I know that you have heartache that will never completely go away, but there is also a little boy holding your button that wants to "see that you are ok".




Monalea said...

My heart holds yours!