Friday, November 02, 2007

"the greatest thing since sliced bread"

Holy Moly this stuff heats itself. During the "oh my gosh my eyelashes are cold" football game friday night my friend, Cindy handed me this can of hot chocolate.

Wikipedia explains it like this...
A self-heating can is an extension of the common food can. It involves the use of dual chambered cans, where an inner chamber holds the food or drink and the outer chamber houses chemicals that undergo an exothermic reaction when combined. When someone wants to eat the food, they pull a ring on the can that breaks the barrier separating the chemicals in the outer chamber. After the heat has been absorbed by the food, the eater can then enjoy a hot meal or drink.
I explain it like this....
A yummy drink that sat in your freezing cold purse until half time. I enjoyed hot chocolate with no trip to the concession stand and no burned taste buds.
GO GET YOU SOME PEOPLE! (Lois---this one is for you girl!)

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You got to be kidding me? Never in my life! My grandfather saw the introduction of the car into this world. My parents saw the introduction to the television and now I have seen the automatic self heating can of hot chocolate.

Seriously ... I'm amazed. Do they have one in "coffee" flavor?